If you know us at Simply Nutrition, you know we are all about intuitive eating and rebuilding and reestablishing your
Ahh the holiday season... Equal parts fun and stressful. Between busy work days, gift shopping, family guests in town, and
Breast Cancer Awareness October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and while the number of new cases each year is
Shopping local is a fun way to encourage your family to eat healthier, choose fresh produce and help support local
When it comes to making healthy behavior changes, such as increasing our fruits & veggies, moving our bodies more, drinking
With the current COVID-19 pandemic that's been quickly changing our day-to-day routines, it's completely normal to feel stressed, anxious, or
What exactly is "Intuitive Eating"? Caroline, here - In addition to being a Dietitian, I am also a Certified Intuitive
What do you think of when you hear the phrase, "body image"? The true definition of body image is "one’s
As a dietitian in private practice, not only is my job about teaching clients, a huge part of it is
Every few years, the spotlight on health and wellness shifts based on what the scientific community and medical research is