Family Wellness Planning

Family Wellness Planning

Do you feel overwhelmed or confused about how to create a positive wellness environment for your family? No two families are the same and what works for one family may not work for another. Our dietitians work with your family to create a unique wellness plan to fit into your busy lifestyle. We understand you have a lot going on and this is why we want to help make family wellness something that is enjoyable and achievable.


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Individual Nutrition Sessions
Individual nutrition sessions allow for a personalized approach to meeting your nutrition goals. Follow up sessions help provide accountability and adjustments to your goals as needed. Initial assessments typically last 60 to 90 minutes and follow up sessions can be scheduled for 50 or 25 minutes.

Group Nutrition Sessions
Group nutrition sessions are a great time to increase your knowledge on various nutrition topics and learn how to implement the information into your lifestyle.

Meal Planning
We understand that each person is different and that is why we offer individualized meal plans to meet your nutritional needs.

Grocery Store Tours
If you struggle with choosing between the overwhelming amount of choices you find at the grocery store, our dietitians can help walk you through each aisle and educate you on how to make health conscious nutrition choices that fit into your lifestyle.

Dine With The Dietitian
Dining out can be one of the most challenging environments to choose and eat well. Dine with one of our dietitians for help with food and drink selections, portion size and when to take the rest of the meal home for later.

If you live or work a far distance from our office locations and coming in to meet with a dietitian doesn’t work well for you, we can accommodate by offering skype or telephone sessions to help you stay on track with your nutrition goals.

Nutrition Coaching
If you are looking for support in meeting your nutrition goals, our dietitians are available to help keep you accountable and encourage you on what you’re doing well and suggest areas of improvement.