Come as You Are- NEDA 2019 Last week was the celebration of National Eating Disorder Awareness week.  This year, the theme of NEDA week was “come as you are.”  Eating disorders can come in all shapes and sizes.  They do not discriminate based on color, size, race, background, or socioeconomic status.  Eating disorders do not always have to look the same.  And many times, they do not result in extreme weight loss and/or underweight categorization.  Therefore, Read more [...]

New Year, New You?

Happy 2019!  A new year always welcomes a fresh start and reminiscing on the year before- all of our trials and tribulations.  New year also comes with an influx of diet and exercise talk.  Every time I turn on the TV, there is a diet commercial.  It is nearly impossible to find a machine at the gym.  New year, new you, right?  This is THE year it is going to happen- you are going to keep that exercise routine going and lose those 10 lbs. Has anyone else noticed Read more [...]

Exercise vs. Movement

Living in a society that puts exercise and body shape on a pedestal, it is easy for exercise to become compulsive.  This is especially true in the eating disorder world.  A large percentage of individuals with eating disorders have exercise compulsion as well.


We often equate exercise with going to gyms to get on a machine for what seems like forever.  Or walking around the weights trying to figure out what to do and avoid looking like you don’t know what you are doing.


Gyms Read more [...]