New Year, New You?

Happy 2019!  A new year always welcomes a fresh start and reminiscing on the year before- all of our trials and tribulations.  New year also comes with an influx of diet and exercise talk.  Every time I turn on the TV, there is a diet commercial.  It is nearly impossible to find a machine at the gym.  New year, new you, right?  This is THE year it is going to happen- you are going to keep that exercise routine going and lose those 10 lbs.

Has anyone else noticed the pattern?  If those diets worked, if everyone could just lose those 10 lbs, would we really still see these same trends every year?  I think not. 

This just emphasizes the overarching issue- Diets. Don’t. Work. However, every single year we have expectations of it being the year it happens.  Not only does this continuous pattern indicate that diets don’t work, it also further proves health at every size.  Research shows that our bodies don’t maintain weight loss when it is below our intended set point.  So maybe the reason that diet isn’t working is because your body is fighting against it to keep on those “extra 10 lbs.”

So maybe this year, we avoid the diet and exercise talk.  Focus on your overall health rather than losing weight or compulsively exercising.  Being healthy is much more than restricting food groups or going to the gym.  Try balancing your diet and engaging in enjoyable activities instead!