Social Media and Body Image

Written by Emily Gargis MS RD LD and Dietetic Intern Mackenzie Harrell, MUSC Social Media has become a part of our daily routines since it first came about in the early 2000’s. It can be relatively easy to log on and stay glued to our smart devices for what can seem like hours each day, often scrolling for brief satisfaction as we look at other people's feeds. But what role does social media play in your journey towards healing your relationship with your body and food? Is it harmful or Read more [...]

Intuitive Eating With Kids

Written by Elizabeth Uliana, MUSC Dietetic Intern; Reviewed by Emily Gargis MS RD LD Imagine if your children could grow up with a healthy relationship with food, a positive view of their bodies, and limited influences from diet culture. Guess what? This is possible. Society is constantly bombarding us with false ideas of beauty and how to treat our bodies through food and movement. Believe it or not, humans are born intuitive eaters. Infants know when they need to eat, what they want Read more [...]

Prioritizing Yourself During Life Transitions

Written By Elizabeth Uliana, MUSC Dietetic Intern; Reviewed by Emily Gargis MS RD LD The game of life throws many scenarios our way, whether they have been expected for a long while (such as a transition from high school to college) or seem to come out of nowhere (perhaps a job change or last-minute move). It is easy to lose sight of what is important to us personally during these times, yet keeping in touch with mind and body is critical to ensuring smooth transitions. Next are several Read more [...]