Intuitive Movement

If you know us at Simply Nutrition, you know we are all about intuitive eating and rebuilding and reestablishing your relationship with your body. Intuitive eating gets a lot of spotlight in our practice, but another intuitive relationship we love to work with clients on is intuitive movement. What is intuitive movement? We thought you might ask! Registered Dietitian Rachael Hartley describes intuitive movement as follows: “Intuitive movement is the practice of connecting with your Read more [...]

The 411 on Intuitive Eating during the Holidays

Ahh the holiday season... Equal parts fun and stressful. Between busy work days, gift shopping, family guests in town, and plenty of parties & food, the holidays can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you've just recently decided to quit diet culture and focus on a healthier relationship to food & your body. But intuitive eating during the holidays can be an amazing way to feel good, enjoy your favorite foods, and feel less out of control around holiday foods, all while honoring your health. Read more [...]

October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and while the number of new cases each year is disheartening, families, friends, companies and organizations all over the nation are stepping up and raising awareness for a cure. And while many uncontrollable factors influence our risk for cancer, like genetics for one, there are many other health enhancing behaviors that may help decrease our risk, like nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, etc. We at Simply Nutrition Read more [...]