Staying Healthy & Stress-Free during COVID-19

With the current COVID-19 pandemic that's been quickly changing our day-to-day routines, it's completely normal to feel stressed, anxious, or even sad during this time. We have a lot unknown right now, and we are all in this together. Here are some tips to try and stay healthy (& sane!) during this unpredictable time. ★ Manage stress as best as possible. It's normal for stress & anxiety to be high right now. We can't control what's going on, but we CAN control how we react to it. Read more [...]

An intro to Intuitive Eating!

What exactly is "Intuitive Eating"?
Caroline, here - In addition to being a Dietitian, I am also a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, which simply means I am lucky enough to have been able to receive extra training in helping my clients on their journeys with intuitive eating. So I figured I'd share a little introduction into what intuitive eating exactly is, for those that maybe have heard the term, but aren't too sure what it means. Here we go!
In a nutshell, intuitive eating is an evidence-based Read more [...]

Meal Planning? Who’s got time for that?

As a dietitian in private practice, not only is my job about teaching clients, a huge part of it is problem-solving with clients and unpacking barriers that get in the way of healthy habits. One thing that continuously comes up during conversation is TIME and the lack of it!  “I’ve been working longer hours at work so I just grab fast-food after work,” “My child has been sick and I haven’t had time to cook,” I got home late from class today and ate the first thing I saw.”  Read more [...]